Executive & Organizational Coach,   certified by New York University

Executive & Professional Coach,   certified by Texas University

Personal Branding Master Strategist & Keynote Speaker,  certified by Reach NY

Image Consultant, certified by Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of NY

Petek Kabakci BRAND

 "Your personal brand is what is authentic to you, differentiating from your peers and relevant and compelling to those who are making decisions about you. In a phrase, it’s your unique promise of value".
What is Petek Kabakci's unique promise of value?
What does Petek Kabakci stand for?
What is Petek Kabakci known for?
The first and leading personal branding assessment 360Reach reported how Petek is held in the hearts and minds of those around her; clients, colleagues, professors, friends and relatives.
Assessment determined that Petek's top ten brand personas are:

  • Visionary & Achiever
 Visionaries can always see the big picture. They are energized by what is possible. They look into the future, not the past. Visionaries are strategic.
Achievers are accomplished. They crave success and have a way of making things happen for themselves and the project at hand. Their achievements are visible to those around them
  • Motivator & Optimist

Motivators have a natural talent for energizing those around them. They have internal passion and enthusiasm. Their main purpose is to inspire others.

Optimists are positive people. They see the glass as always being half-full and often see the potential for it to be overflowing. Optimists are "can-do" people who do not like hearing "it can't be done".

  • Expert  &  Truth-teller
Experts are often referred as bright, intelligent or brilliant. They can be expert in a certain area, but can also be knowledgeable about a lot of things. People respect them for their intellect.
Truth-tellers are honest. You can count on their sincerity. When they speak, those around them know they can trust what they say.
  • Self-starter, Sophisticated & Confidence Emitter
Self-starters have the energy and drive within themselves to make things happen. They are proactive and self motivated. They usually don't need or ask for permission or approval.
Sophisticates are refined individuals. They are cultured and often have interests in arts and cosmopolitan environments.
Confidence emitters are comfortable in their own shoes. They are self assured. They exude confidence and often gain the respect of those around them just from the what they are in the world. They are typically very self-aware and happy with who they are.
  • Rock & Judge
Rocks are always there for you. You can always count on them. They have high intentionality and will do what they say they are going to do. Reliability is a core attitude of theirs.
Judges are ethical and trustworthy. You can always count on them to do what they say they are going to do.
360Reach assessment determined that Petek's top leadership competencies are:
  • Inspiring    Activating, nurturing, empowering, developing others
  • Visioning    Developing and executing strategy, thinking big/globally
  • Developing   Growing professionally, staying fresh and connected to what is happening in the world
  • Expressing  Communicating clearly and consistently
  • Resourcing Identifying and sourcing needs, opportunities and resources
  • Solving  Identifying and solving problems; managing crisis
  • Relating  Meeting/connecting with constituencies; building trust and respect

Petek Kabakci VIA Survey of

Signature Character Strengths

Her Top Strength - Perspective (wisdom)

Her Second Strength - Spirituality, sense of purpose, and faith

Her Third Strength - Creativity, ingenuity, and originality