Executive & Organizational Coach,   certified by New York University

Executive & Professional Coach,   certified by Texas University

Personal Branding Master Strategist & Keynote Speaker,  certified by Reach NY

Image Consultant, certified by Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of NY

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What Will You Do With Your Life?
"Asking "What Should I Do With My Life?" is the modern, secular version of the great timeless questions about our identity. 

Asking The Question aspires to end the conflict between who you are and what you do. Answering The Question is the way to protect yourself from being lathed into someone you're not. What is freedom for if not the chance to define for yourself who you are?"

What Should I Do With My Life?

The real meaning of success - and how to find it. by PO BRONSON

               “Effective career management is like sailing a boat: Identify the destination and keep your eyes on the horizon."

Katherine Bock

                                                                                                                                                   Career Coach, Attornet at Law

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Create Unexpected Impact
You do a good job, meet your objectives, even exceed expectations. You're competent. But if you want to beextraordinary you will need to do more. Not more of the same, but something that has real impact -- something that is not expected of you, creating results that make you stand out from your peers.
Job Survival Guide
Spencer Stuart developed the "Job Survival Guide" to help executives - like you - succeed! Visit the survival guide section to learn how you can be on the path to greater success, job satisfaction and an extraordinary career.







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