Executive & Organizational Coach,   certified by New York University

Executive & Professional Coach,   certified by Texas University

Personal Branding Master Strategist & Keynote Speaker,  certified by Reach NY

Image Consultant, certified by Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of NY

Petek Kabakci

Petek Kabakci, PMP, PCC, is an Executive Coach and Personal Branding Strategist specializing in working with executives and business owners on distilling and fulfilling their mission to a laser effect for a global impact.  Petek has combined her natural strengths with extensive formal training to accomplish her goals and thrives on helping her clients uncover and express what makes them uniquely valuable.


Petek's comprehensive work is focused around her four active ingredients of management: 

  • managing yourself,
  • managing others,
  • managing projects, and
  • managing business.


She believes that to most effectively manage something, one needs to understand it. Therefore, she brings to each project her knowledge of the human mind and behavior, personal branding (online and off), cultural awareness, creative thinking, soft skills, management systems, organizational structures, strategic management, and project management. Petek's clients always remark "I discovered something new" and benefit from her vision of how seemingly disparate pieces fit together into a coherent business or life plan that will create momentum. 


With cross-functional experience that enables faster analysis and connection to root causes and solutions, Petek has acquired deep competencies that you'd typically find if you hired multiple consultants. Trained as an executive and organizational coach by New York University, she also earned a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Sociology and a Bachelor's degree in Economics. She is also a Certified Project Management Professional, Reach-Certified Personal Branding Master Strategist, Certified NLP Master Trainer, Qualified Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI®) Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist. She has taken extensive business coursework from the American Management Association and is trained in Image Consulting by the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Petek delved into the world of international entrepreneurship and project management when she founded PCK—a medical equipment design, production, and export company based in Turkey—in 1993.  Driven by her instincts and business accumen, PCK was conducting business in 50 countries within six years. Between 2002 and 2008, Petek lived in New York and managed US-based medical equipment design and production projects. It was there she realized that coaching and consulting would be the ideal outlet for her value of individuality and passion for helping others realize greater personal and professional success through ongoing development and removing self-limiting beliefs. Today, based out of at Alfa Net Ankara, Turkey, Petek is a strategist for high-achieving executives and business owners, a performance consultant to companies and other coaches, and a speaker on "Personal Branding and Strategic Image Management".

She says;

"I am not teaching how to be a leader. I am coaching and consulting leaders on distilling and fulfilling their mission to a laser like effect for a global impact.

As you build your brand, you distill down what makes you great into what you want to be known for in your business community. Who you really are and what your brand is are at the heart of your organization's future accomplishments.

I believe that the world needs great business leaders with a strong personal brand to make important positive changes. This is a great reason for me to love what I do.

A citizen of the world, born in Heidenheim, Germany, raised in Turkey, lived in New York, I have been a world-wide traveller, having an international cross-functional business experience, I offer CEO coaching and personal branding to leaders who would like to leave a legend behind with their authentic voice."