Executive & Organizational Coach,   certified by New York University

Executive & Professional Coach,   certified by Texas University

Personal Branding Master Strategist & Keynote Speaker,  certified by Reach NY

Image Consultant, certified by Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of NY

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What is Power Pose?

Power pose is emitting power with your body language.


Power and powerlessness express themselves with  nonverbal displays. An interesting research made by Amy Cudy a social psychologist and a Harvard Business School Professor showed that if you pose as if you have power, your tetosterone and cortisol levels as well as your heart and respiratory rate changes into a power physiopsychology.


When you change your body language into power pose, your self confidence raises. This study supports that “You can fake it untill you make it”.



Not only power but also many other attributes like credibility, integrity, likeability can be projected with your style, colors and fabric you wear, line of your clothes. Summing up, it is art and science of image consulting.
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